Why isn't Deshaun Watson on NFL Commissioner's Exempt List?

It is a shame that Deshaun Watson, the Houston Texans quarterback, is allowed to be anywhere near a football field. Yet here we are. Watson was at the Texans facility yesterday to undergo COVID testing ahead of training camp. He also reiterated his stance that he would not be playing for the team this season. The Texans are currently accepting trade requests.AdvertisementWatson wants to leave Houston. The Texans are open for trading him but the question is: Will anyone be willing to pay the price to get him with all the accusations against him? It is a risk that other teams will embrace with all the allegations surrounding him. Watson has been accused by over 20 women of sexual assault and harassment.I am not sure why he isn't on the NFL Commissioners Exempt List. It was designed for such a situation. Here's the language:Watson isn't facing any formal charges yet, but the legal process is still dragging. In the second and third paragraphs above, it is clear that Watson can be placed on administrative leave by the commissioner if there is evidence of a violation or further investigation.The NFL has essentially told us that by not putting him on the Commissioners Exempt List the NFL does not have any evidence and doesn't need to continue its investigation.AdvertisementWatson can play unless Watson is charged. This is bullshit.Given the severity of the allegations Watson faces, the league is creating a bad precedent. Remember that the depositions of the accusers will start on September 13th, a week after the NFL regular-season begins.AdvertisementIt seems like no one wants to face the situation. The Houston police have not stepped up, the league is not intervening, and the Texans are now faced with the possibility of a trade.It's not.Watson's permission to play highlights the league's gross mentality. That performance on the field is more important than anything else shows. They will ignore mental health, brain trauma, and sexual assault if it is possible.AdvertisementWatson was not found guilty in a court. I won't infer that he is guilty until that happens. With the legal proceedings underway and the remaining accusations, it is precisely this situation where the Commissioners Exempt List should serve. He should not be allowed to touch a football field until he has been cleared of the charges against him.