Green Bay Packers craft list of concessions to entice Aaron Rodgers to return at least one more season, sources say

Adam Schefter reports about the concessions that the Packers will make in order to bring back Aaron Rodgers one more time. (2:24). According to league sources, the Packers are now offering concessions in an effort to convince Aaron Rodgers to come back to Green Bay for at most one more season. The two sides reached an agreement over the weekend that is close to convincing Rodgers to stop his plans to skip training camp in favor of returning for it. The agreement is still not in place and Rodgers hasn't yet left California. However, both sides hope to conclude the agreement soon, according to sources. An agreement in principle would include the following conditions, which the sides are currently finalizing to address Rodgers' issues prior to Tuesday's training camp opening: * Rodgers' 2023-year contract, which is the last in his current agreement, would be void. Future tags will not be allowed. * The Packers are willing to look at Rodgers' situation after the season ends. * Rodgers' contract will be amended with no income loss to allow the Packers more cap space. * Rodgers' problems with the team will be addressed by mechanisms If Packers officials agree to trade Rodgers and an agreement is reached soon, the greatest concession that the reigning MVP will get is the freedom to choose where he plays in 2022. According to the Packers, Rodgers will be "reviewed" by the team after the season. If Rodgers still feels that way about the Packers' culture or decision-making, Rodgers will be traded. Rodgers will return to the NFL for his 17th season as long as all the conditions are met, which was what the sides were trying hard to do before camp opened on Tuesday. This feat is unmatched by any Packers quarterbacks, Bart Starr or Brett Favre. Sources told ESPN that Rodgers is expected to return to Green Bay, giving the Packers more salary-cap space. This allows the Packers to make another attempt at signing wide receiver Davante Adam to an extension. Last season, Adams was the leader in receiving yards (1.374) and touchdowns (18). Rodgers missed the mandatory minicamp and the offseason program, so the sides spent months trying out a scenario to keep him from missing training camp. It would allow him to return to Green Bay for the final season of his career as a Packer. Both sides have met regularly throughout the offseason. Rodgers' agent David Dunn was in Green Bay just a week ago to meet with top-ranking Packers officials. This helped set the foundation for this possible breakthrough. These talks were held by Green Bay as Mark Murphy, its president, and Brian Gutekunst, its general manager, were about to meet shareholders at Lambeau Field's annual state of union meeting. Gutekunst informed Packers shareholders that he had been working hard with Aaron Rodgers' reps to resolve issues raised by him this offseason. He also stated that he was hopeful for a positive result.


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