VA sets vaccine requirement for frontline health care workers

Every Veteran and VA employee who steps foot in a VA facility should know that we are doing everything possible to protect them against COVID-19. According to the New York Times which first reported the decision, approximately 115,000 employees will be covered by the VAs mandate. The secretary explained to the Times that he was doing it because it is the best way for veterans to be safe. The Biden administration is trying to figure out how to increase vaccination rates. Despite a spike in the number of cases linked to the highly contagious Delta variant, some areas have been stagnant. The White House has resisted top-down approaches so far and encouraged local governments and private companies to create their own rules for vaccinations. According to the VA, four people have died from Covid in recent weeks. The Delta variant caused the deaths of at least three workers and all of them were not vaccinated. A third-degree pandemic outbreak also occurred at the VA Law Enforcement Training Center. The NFL announced last week that any team experiencing an outbreak of unvaccinated players could lose their games. This is in addition to a multimillion dollar financial incentive for teams and their players to get vaccinated. On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that all municipal employees must be either vaccinated or receive weekly Covid-19 testing. The rule will be effective citywide starting Sept. 13. However, it will take effect earlier for staff at congregate living facilities and public health workers. Similarly, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the California Governor, stated Monday that all state employees as well as health care workers must be vaccinated.