Costa Rican Gymnast Does Black Lives Matter Tribute During Olympic Routine

A gymnast from the Olympic Games made a strong statement this weekend by standing on her knees and raising her fist in tribute to Black Lives Matter. Luciana Alvarado, 18, is the first Costa Rican gymnast ever to qualify for the Olympics. She used her platform to highlight the struggle for equality. The International Olympic Committee allows athletes to display at the 2020 Games in Tokyo, provided it is not during competition or at a medal ceremony. Alvarado discovered a loophole in her performance by including the gesture. She said she wanted to convey the message that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, and all people have the same rights. Alvarado believes it's special that she uses her stage to stand in solidarity with those who fight for equality. According to the AP, Alvarado stated that "Because they were all the same." "And they were all beautiful, and incredible."