Best Google Pixel 5 wireless chargers 2021

Android Central 2021: Best Google Pixel 5 wireless chargersAlthough Google has had a mixed history with wireless charging for its Pixels, the Google Pixel 5 should be compatible with more wireless chargers. The 15W Extended Power Profile in the Pixel 5 may end the madness of compatibility issues and slow charging speeds that we experienced with the Pixel 3 & 4. While there are many chargers that can support this wireless specification, your Pixel deserves the best. These are the top Pixel 5 wireless chargers.These are the top Pixel 5 wireless charging stands and padsEvery generation of Pixel phones offers wireless charging that is better. The Pixel 5 appears to make wireless charging easier than ever, using the same 15W EPP Qi standard other manufacturers such as LG use for years. The Anker PowerWave Alloy EPP wireless charger is my favorite. It's strong, non-slip and can use either the older Qualcomm QuickCharge (or the newer USB-C Power delivery) that you have. To achieve the advertised 15W EPP speed, you will need 24W and not 18W.The iOttie iON wireless Duo allows you to charge your wireless earbuds vertically. It is made for the Google Pixel 5 or Pixel Buds. The iOttie iON Wireless Duo includes a high-speed stand for the Pixel 5 as well as a flat, small pad to wirelessly charge your Galaxy Buds, Pixel Buds or other wireless earbuds. The second pad can also be used to charge a smartwatch, second phone or other devices that don't support wireless charging.The Google Pixel Stand will charge your Pixel 5 at 10W. It won't charge at the same speed as a Belkin Boost Charge, which charges at 15W. Also, the Pixel Stand is three years old so don't expect to pay 2021 for a 2018 wireless charger.Troubleshooting wireless charging issues with your Google Pixel 5