Rep. Taylor Greene calls exclusion of unvaccinated people 'segregation'

Although businesses have the freedom to refuse service to certain individuals, there are some characteristics like age and race that can't be used as grounds for discrimination.First-term Republican has often compared vaccine requirements and mandates for masks to the Holocaust and other callsbacks to Nazism. After her June visit to Washington, D.C.'s Holocaust Museum, she made such comparisons and she later apologized. However, she has not done much to change her rhetoric.Taylor Green, a former Biden official, has compared the door-to-door vaccination push to the Nazi paramilitary wings Sturmabteilung (commonly referred to by brownshirts).Greene stated that people have the right to choose, and they don't need you medical brown shirts at their doors ordering vaccinations." Greene wrote in July. People can't be forced to participate in the human experiment.Twitter also blocked her account for 12 hours earlier in the month because she posted messages that were contrary to its policy regarding coronavirus-related misinformation. She accused Twitter of censoring both her and other controversial conservatives.The GOP is divided on the issue of vaccinations, and how to promote them. Many are worried about the threat posed by the Delta variant. Taylor Green and others have created distrust and fear surrounding immunizations.Arkansas Gov. Arkansas GovernorLow vaccination rates are what is holding us back. "We're doing everything we can," Hutchinson stated on CNNs State of the Union.