Joe Exotic's Weed Line Packaging Features Tiger Stripes, Pride Flag

Joe Exotic calls himself "The New King Cannabis"... the label of his new weed line is front-and center, and TMZ has taken the first photos.Joe Exotic Cannabis will unveil the colorful packaging for its new line next week at the Las Vegas cannabis CHAMPS Trade show. TMZ gets a glimpse at Joe's adventures since he announced their new venture last month.Joe has put his stamp on the packaging - from paying tribute to his moniker of "Tiger King", to celebrating his sexual orientation by displaying the Pride flag at its bottom.The package's front features cubs drawings, tigers and lions. Joe is also smoking a blunt as he sits on his new throne. Joe's team reached a deal with Tango Hotel Charlie Group LLC and Cannaxxs LTD in order to launch the line, as we reported at first.Joe is currently behind bars but he has been very hands-on with Brad Small, his attorney, through emails and calls.Joe will be working with Joshua Anderson (founder of Tango Hotel Charlie Group). Joshua will handle distribution and brand development. To produce cannabis, they have partnered with Xotic Flavorz Farm in Honeydew CA.Watch video content at TMZ.comJoe's will also be showcasing a cannabis-infused seltzer at the trade show next week. The name of the seltzer is "Tiger Piss." You can choose from peach-mango and tiger's orange.