Apple Maps Vehicles Collecting 'Look Around' Imagery in Several More Countries

Apple Maps vehicles equipped with LiDAR equipment have been collecting street-level imagery in many more countries and regions this year, according to a list maintained by Apple. After last year's focus on the Brussels region, the vehicles have returned to Belgium to explore additional areas.Apple Maps vehicle in Vienna (Austria). Alexander Schilowsky submitted the photo.Apple will use the data to improve its Maps app, expand its Look Around feature, and which is currently only available in certain areas of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The iOS 13 version of Look Around provides 3D street-level imagery which can be zoomed in and out.You can access Look Around by tapping the binoculars icon at the top-right of the Maps app. Look Around is also available in the search results below the Flyover or Directions buttons.Apple Maps vehicles started surveying in 2015 and collected data in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.Apple claims that it will protect the privacy of its customers while conducting surveys. Apple blurs license plates and faces in street-level imagery available through Look Around, for example.