John Oliver unpacks racial housing discrimination in America and calls for reparations

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver explores the history of land and race in America. Oliver says it's a history with many disturbing chapters, starting at chapter 1, when America was discovered from under the feet of other people.Oliver points out that some U.S. communities still have laws prohibiting the sale to persons of color of their homes. Oliver starts by telling the story about a couple of Blacks who owned two lots at Manhattan Beach in California's 1920s. The town took the land after the Klu Klux Klan harassed them. The Bruce family could see their land back 100 years later. Oliver continues to argue that compensation should be paid for land taken from other families who have suffered similar injustices.Last Week Tonight's host said that the only thing really odd about reparations to Black people was that it hasn't been done yet. "When you take someone away from something, you make it right by making them pay what they owe."