CW Legends of Tomorrow Comic Con 2021 Panel: S7, Matt Ryan

DCs Legends of Tomorrow are in season six. This series is about cute, scary, and sometimes musical aliens that cause havoc on the timeline. Gary, who has secretly been an extraterrestrial all along, abducted Sara Lance to prove that she is the best example of humanity. You can't keep Sara Lance and Ava apart.AdvertisementRory, Gary and a group of Ava clones helped Sara escape and make her way back to Waverider. But it was at the cost of Sara, who is now an alien hybrid clone with regenerative abilities. Sara and Avas' wedding day is not being held back by any of this (we hope theirs goes better than Barry or Iris). A new teaser was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con @Home panel and gave a glimpse of the ceremony. Two words: Wedding crashers.Legends of Tomorrow season seven has been renewed. This season will see Matt Ryan return to the series. His time as Constantine will end in season six. He will be playing a new role, Dr. According to a CW press release, Gwyn Davies is an eccentric scientist from early 20th century and might be the team's only hope next season.Ryan spoke out about his characters and his leaving. John and I have decided to part ways with Legends. I am really excited to create this new role and have some fun discovering how it fits in with the Legends.Another casting change for season seven is that Amy Louise Pemberton will voice Gideon, Waveriders AI. According to the CW, she will play a flesh-and blood version of Gideon in real life.The last piece of news today was that Legends of Tomorrow would be releasing 21-track mixtapes containing the show's signature musical numbers. This includes the David Bowie inspired Space Girl from the current Season, or Brandon Rouths Mr. Parkers Cul De-Sac, season five's Puppets of Tomorrow, I Surrender or Sweet Baby James will all be available on Legends of Tomorrow: the Mixtape (Songs From the Original Television Soundtrack). It will be available on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and other digital platforms starting August 20.October 13th marks the start of Legends of Tomorrow's seventh season.Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.