Elizabeth Warren took aim at Jeff Bezos, saying 'the richest guy on Earth can launch himself into space while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck'

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a remark about Jeff Bezos' recent space flight, as well as the financial difficulties of other Americans.Warren stated that if a billionaire can travel to space, he will be able to afford more taxes.ProPublica reported that Bezos paid $0 income taxes in the last two years between 2006-2018.10 Things in Politics: Keep up to date with the most recent political and economic news. Loading Something is loading. Click Sign up to receive marketing emails and other offers from Insider.Sunday's tweet by Sen. Elizabeth Warren was about Jeff Bezos’s recent space flight. She said that if he has the money, he will be able to pay more taxes.Warren tweeted, "The richest man on Earth can launch him into space, while nearly half of the country lives paycheck-to-paycheck, almost 43 million are saddled by student debt, and millions are forced out of work because of child care costs." He can afford to help so that everyone has a chance.ProPublica reported that Jeff Bezos (the founder and former CEO Amazon) paid $0 in federal income tax for at least two consecutive years, between 2006 and 2018. This shocking report also revealed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk did exactly the same thing in 2018.Continue reading: UBS lists 7 space stocks that will rise in the sector, which it predicts will grow to $900 billion by 2030. This includes 1 that could soar at 40%Lynnley Browning, an Insider reporter, reported that Amazon paid $0 in income tax in 2017 and 2018.Forbes currently lists Bezos as the richest person on the planet, with a net worth $209.2 billion.Blue Origin, the billionaire's private space exploration company, successfully flew its first passenger space flight Tuesday. It launched Bezos and three other people into space for three minutes of weightlessness.Warren also took a dig at Bezos last week by writing on Twitter: "Jeff Bezos forgot thank all the hardworking Americans that actually paid taxes in order to keep this country going while Amazon and he paid nothing."Insider reached out to Amazon for comment.Do you have a tip for the reporter? This reporter can be reached at kvlamis@insider.com