The 'QAnon Shaman' is in plea negotiations after being diagnosed with mental illnesses, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, report says

Jacob Chansley, also known by the "QAnon Shaman", at the "Stop the Steal!" rally in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty ImagesAccording to his lawyer, the Capitol riot suspect "QAnon Shaman", is currently in plea negotiations with Reuters.After Jacob Chansley was diagnosed while in prison with several mental illnesses, the negotiations began.Chansley, seen in fur and horns on January 6th, was one of the most prominent people at the riot.Check out more stories from Insider's business page.His attorney said Thursday that the Capitol riot suspect, also known as "QAnon Shaman", is currently in plea negotiations. He was diagnosed with several mental disorders while in prison.Jacob Chansley was one of the most prominent people after the January 6th attack. He was seen inside Congress wearing nothing but a shirtless outfit, a fur headdress and horns, as well as red, white and blue face paint. In January, he was charged with disorderly conduct and violent entrance. He denied all charges.Insider's Tom Porter reported that Chansley was required to take a psychological test in prison to determine if he is mentally capable of understanding the legal case against his and be tried.Continue reading: Meet the seven US federal judges who had a past encounter with Trump and now help to decide the fate of the Capitol riotersAlbert Watkins, Chansley's lawyer, stated to Reuters that Chansley had been diagnosed by the federal Bureau of Prisons with transient schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. He said that the agency didn't determine Chansley was mentally incapacitated.Watkins stated that Chansley's mental state was also affected by his confinement in Virginia jail solitary confinement.Chansley is seeking a plea bargain, where he could plead guilty or a lesser charge in the hope of receiving a lighter sentence.Chansley's lawyer stated that Chansley had experienced delusions such as believing he was related Jesus or the Buddha. He also claimed Chansley was unarmed, innocent, peaceful, and had a pre-existing mental vulnerability.Continue the storyChansley was one of 500 people arrested during the storming at the Capitol. This occurred when a mob made up of supporters of President Donald Trump attacked police officers and forced them to flee the building.Chansley was a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theories movement and an influencer prior to January 6.Do you have a tip for the reporter? This reporter can be reached at kvlamis@insider.comBusiness Insider has the original article.