Sarah Huckabee Sanders encourages Arkansans to consider getting 'Trump vaccine'

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former White House press secretary, said that she received the Trump vaccine and encouraged others to do so as Arkansas has seen a rise in COVID-19.Sanders is running for Arkansas governor with the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. She said that she made the decision to get vaccinated against coronavirus "based upon the advice of her doctor" and added that she felt "reassured" after President Trump and his family had been vaccinated."Like many others, I was misinformed by politicians and media during the pandemic. "And, like many others, I spent a lot time sorting through all of it, trying to make my best decision for myself and family," Sanders wrote in a Sunday op-ed published on Sunday by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.OKLAHOMA GOVERNOR SAYS THAT HE DOES NOT HAVE PLANS TO USE EMERGENCY ORDER TO SUPPORT SCHOOL MASK MANDATEThe hopeful for gubernatorial office accused CNN, the New York Times, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and President Joe Biden of encouraging vaccine hesitancy. They also questioned the Trump administration's ability produce effective and safe vaccines quickly.She said, "If President Biden and Vice President Harris truly care about raising the vaccination rate and saving people's lives, they should admit that they were wrong to doubt Operation Warp Speed, and give President Trump and his staff the credit they deserve for developing a safe, effective vaccine in record-time."Operation Warp Speed was a public-private partnership created under the Trump administration initiative to encourage production of COVID-19 vaccinations. It provided billions in federal funding for multiple private companies. Some of these companies have developed vaccines that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.Sanders praised Operation Warp Speed, praising the vaccines' effectiveness and urging people to get vaccinated. Sanders, who was the former press secretary, referred to research that indicated Arkansans without vaccinations are more at risk for COVID-19. He also stated, "It is clear that Trump vaccine works and is saving life."Continue the story"I know that the decision to get vaccinated is a personal one and it can be difficult to make. Many of my friends have expressed concerns about getting vaccinated. It isn't my job to advise them." She wrote that she was critical of politicians and pundits who "have used bribery, mocking, name-calling and bribery to get people to take the vaccine."Left-leaning communities have begun to implement restrictions to stop the spread of the highly transmissible delta virus. Los Angeles has imposed its countywide mask mandate on July 15, even for people who were vaccinated.Many Republicans are against such restrictions. Governors in Texas, Florida and other states have banned vaccine passports.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINERArkansas, which has only 36.18% of its population fully vaccinated, has seen an influx in COVID-19 cases. 2,015 new cases emerged within the last 24 hour, according to the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracker.Despite the increase, Gov. Asa Hutchinson rejected calls for a mandate to mandate vaccines because it could lead to "a greater reaction of negativeness toward the government." Hutchinson stated that it was up to the state Legislature whether to create a mandate for a mask.Washington Examiner VideosTags: News. Sarah Sanders, Donald Trump. Arkansas. Coronavirus. Vaccination.Original Author: Carly RomanOriginal Location: Sarah Huckabee Sanders urges Arkansans consider the 'Trump vaccination'