Bumble Match Turns in Capitol Riot Suspect (Again)

After a match on Bumble led to him being turned in by authorities, a Texas man was arrested for his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot. Andrew Taake, a Houston man, opened the app during his trip to Washington in early 2015. Unnamed matches asked Taake about his proximity to all the action. Taake replied that he was.AdvertisementIt turns out that Taake might not have been telling the whole truth when he claimed he was peaceful in the riot. Prosecutors claim that he was involved with two separate attacks on law enforcement officers. The footage shows Taake using pepper spray on police officers and at another time using a whip to strike officers. The video also shows Taake carrying the whip around inside the Capitol. Now, Taake faces charges of obstruction, felony assaulting, obstruction of law enforcement and disorderly conduct inside a Capitol Building, demonstrating within a Capitol Building, and engaging in physical violence only on restricted grounds.AdvertisementAdvertisementWhen Taake was spotted by Bumble, authorities began to search for him. They quickly tracked his flight details and reviewed footage from that day to determine that he wasn't just an innocent bystander. Taake was finally identified by a FedEx driver. He is now one of more than 500 people arrested for their participation in the Capitol Riot. He is now the second person to be charged after being turned in during a Bumble match. Robert Chapman of Carmel, New York was arrested in April for boasting to a Bumble match that he had stormed the Capitol. The person he was talking to responded that we are not a match.