Watch Man Confront Tucker Carlson in Montana: �You Are the Worst Human Being�

Fox News host Tucker Carlson found out a lot when he went into Livingston, Montana to buy gear for fly fishing trips. He was confronted in the store by Dan Bailey, a local fly-fishing guide who wanted to share his thoughts with the Fox News host. In the video, Bailey can clearly be heard saying, "Dude, you're the worst human being alive." Carlson kept his voice low and replied, "I appreciate that." The video quickly became viral. Advertisement The 22 second video begins after the confrontation had already begun. It seems that Bailey is speaking to Carlson about a topic related to vaccines. Carlson asks him at one point to remember that he is with his baby. I dont care, man, Bailey replies. He continued to say that he had done the same thing to this country, to the United States and to all other countries. You have done so much to families and to everyone else in the world. It doesn't matter that your daughter is there. Carlson continues to whisper about the harm you have done to families. Bailey says to Carlson: You can settle down, son. But, the Fox News host walks off and the video ends. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Bailey uploaded the video to his Instagram account Friday. He wrote that he couldn't resist the chance to give Carlson his thoughts. Bailey wrote that it is not often you can tell someone they're the worst person on the planet and actually mean it. The confrontation occurred at Dan Baileys Outdoor Company. Strangely, the company has nothing to do whatsoever with Carlson, even though they share the same name. The store made a statement online:


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