Game Of Thrones' Jacob Anderson joins Doctor Who

Doctor Who's Comic-Con At Home panel held today. While nobody addressed the rumors that Jodie Whittaker might leave the show, it would, if true follow the precedent set by Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. However, the panelists did share a short teaser and a casting announcement. Jacob Anderson (a.k.a. Grey Worm, a Game Of Thrones-looking space-badass with cool hair and a gun, will join the cast as Vinder.AdvertisementAnderson appeared happy to be joining Doctor Who in a pre-taped segment of the pre-taped panel and was excited for people to see his characters. Anderson may have dressed up his comic-con background, but he also had some cool Voltron toys, and lots of Batman comics to his side. Although it's not relevant, journalists have a duty to inform everyone when actors with recognizable backgrounds have cool Voltron toys in the background.The trailer is short and not very interesting. However, it has that typical Doctor Who trailer energy. There's no foreshadowing of The Doctor running out or having to answer for cosmic sins against the Sontarans, Cybermen or Daleks. So if Doctor 13 is indeed on her way out, it won't be until the Christmas/Holiday/New Years Eve special. During the panel, Chris Chibnall, the showrunner, teased that this season would not be devoted to episodic stories about monsters-of-the week like Doctor Who has done since the BBC's revival. This could allow for the creation of major events throughout the season, so perhaps The Doctor will have to answer for her cosmic sins against different alien factions.