How to buy a digital copy of a PS4 or PS5 game for your friend

Best answer: Sony's purchase policies prohibit other retailers from selling digital game downloads. If you wish to gift a digital game to a friend, you will need to purchase a gift certificate.How to purchase a digital copy for your friend of a PS4/PS5 gameYou can no longer gift a digital copy a game on PS4 or PS5. This used to be possible, but it is no longer. If you wish to gift a digital game to someone you know, you can send them a PlayStation Store Gift Card so that they can purchase the game. Although it is not ideal, it is the only option. Although you can purchase a physical copy of the game for someone, they will have to send it to them. They can also not play the PS5 Digital Edition. Although it is annoying, purchasing a physical copy of a game is the only way to get one for someone you don't know.If this is the way you would like to play it, Sony will continue to make physical copies of its first-party games, both from Sony Worldwide Studios, and major third-party titles, from other companies. For the foreseeable future, all the top PS5 games will remain available digitally and physically.Why can't digital games be given anymore?As of April 1, 2019, Sony has banned retailers from selling digital game download codes.A PlayStation spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that Sony Interactive Entertainment will not be offering full-games through SIE's Global Digital At Retail program. This decision was taken to ensure that key businesses worldwide are aligned. SIE will offer higher denominations to select retailers in order to support premium editions and full games. You will still have access to DLC, add-ons and virtual currency. Season passes are also available.People used to be able to buy digital codes from stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. This is no longer possible. There are not many options for gifting games to friends - especially if you only want to get a digital copy.What about game subscriptions, though?You can gift a friend a subscription service such as PlayStation Plus, but not directly. PlayStation Plus subscribers get free monthly games they can keep forever. Premium titles are often available, so PS5 owners have plenty of games. They'll also have instant access to the PlayStation Plus Collection. This collection includes a variety of PS4 games that are available to PS5 subscribers.