Olympians Go Viral On TikTok For Showing Behind-The-Scenes Of Tokyo Olympics

ToplineMillions of people around the globe are watching hours of Olympics events this week. However, many Olympic athletes in Tokyo have taken advantage of the app TikTok in order to share their experience at the Olympic Village during Games. This often goes viral.A selfie is taken by an athlete during the Opening Ceremony of Tokyo 2020... Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan on July 23, 2021. Getty ImagesThe Key FactsAfter rumors that the bedframes were cardboard, some believed athletes would be seen jumping onto the beds at the Olympic Village. However, Tayavek Galizzi and Fran Caffaro, Argentian basketball players, proved that the beds are stronger than they seem in a viral video. Tyler Downs (18 years old) from the United States, a diver, posted a video in which she wished to meet Simone Biles, another Olympian, during the Games. Ilona Maher, an American rugby player, has shared a number of behind-the scenes videos from the Games to her TikTok profile. In one she talks about scouting the Olympic Village to find a tall foreign demigod athlete, while another shows off the Ralph Lauren gear and Nike gear that Team USA athletes were gifted. Courtney Hurley, an American fencer, posted a video of her room at the Olympic Village together with Kelley Hurley (a fellow Team USA fencer), pointing out the differences in their neatness.Regan Smith, an American swimmer, and several of his teammates took a moment to make a joke out of the viral video last year that showed a baby being tossed in a Tokyo pool during an infant swimming lesson. Tilly Kearns, an Australian water polo player, responded to Kennedy Cherrington's video about the hairstyles of athletes. She poked fun at the tight swim caps that water sports competitors wear.Important BackgroundThe Olympian TikTok videos offer a glimpse into the Olympic Village during a unique Games. Tokyo, the host city, has reported an increase in cases. To prevent further infections, athletes are subject to regular testing. According to organizers, 137 people tested positive for coronavirus in relation to Sunday's Olympics. After being diagnosed with coronavirus, Jon Rahm from Spain was the most recent to be pulled from the Games.Continue readingJon Rahm, a top golfer, is the latest to pull out of Tokyo Olympics due to Covid Here's the full list (Forbes).Minimum 100 U.S. At Least 100 U.S. athletes are unvaccinated as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games kick off (Forbes).Olympic Athletes Should Have Been Vaccinated? There are no more positive tests for Covid-19. (Forbes)