GOP Sen. Toomey Says Probing Jan. 6 Is 'Politically To The Advantage' Of Democrats

ToplineSenator Pat Toomey (Republican from Pennsylvania) stated Sunday that he believes that investigations into Jan. 6's attack on the U.S. Capitol will be politically beneficial to Democrats. A second Republican has also signed up to join the House panel looking into the attack.UNITED STATES – JULY 15, 2015: Senator Pat Toomey (Republican from Pennsylvania) arrives at the Capitol to vote on Thursday, July... [+] 15 2021. (Photo by Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images. CQ Roll Call, Inc via Getty ImagesThe Key FactsDuring a CNN State of the Union on Sunday, Toomey stated that Democrats would benefit politically from investigating the attack because it keeps the topic at the forefront of the political discourse. Toomey supported a bipartisan investigation into the attack, which was blocked in May by his GOP colleagues. However, he said that people want to know the truth but that a House select panel aimed at investigating the incident is politically to the advantage of Democrats. This comment came as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that she would appoint Rep. Adam Kinzinger, (R-Ill.), as the second Republican to the committee. She later confirmed that she did so and that many more Republicans expressed an interest in joining the committee Jake Tapper asked Toomey about his views on the GOP. Toomey replied that a constant reminder of a terrible episode in which Donald Trump was involved deflects attention from President Joe Biden's 2022 election. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, echoed Toomey's comments and accused Pelosi of structuring the committee in order to achieve her political goals.Important BackgroundThe timeline was a major issue for Senate Republicans who opposed bipartisan commission. Some expressed concerns that the probe might engulf 2022 primary, even though it was required by law to be completed by 2021. Pelosi is able to appoint all 13 members, unlike the commission that had an equal number of Republicans.Important QuoteEveryone believed Hillary Clinton was unbeatable. We put together a Benghazi committee, a special committee. How are her numbers today? McCarthy, then-House majority leader, stated in 2015 that her numbers are falling. The Jan. 6 panel had a similar structure as the Benghazi select commission.Chief CriticPelosi stated that the Republicans may not be able to handle the truth but that we have a responsibility for seeking it out, finding it and keeping the American people's confidence intact.Big Number50%. This is Biden's approval rating according to a Gallup poll of 1,007 American adults. It was lower than the 56% average approval rating he received in the first three months 2021. His marks on the economy and coronavirus remain high according to the RealClearPolitics polls. However, he is facing a deficit in areas like immigration.