Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello's Under-Construction Home Vandalized

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara had an unwelcome visitor stop by their pad that's currently under construction. He had a message to Sof -- whom, he considered "mom". According to law enforcement sources, TMZ was called Monday morning by police to investigate the location of Sofia and her husband's property in L.A. -- we were told that the property is undergoing major renovations... which included a fresh paint job that had just finished. We were told that the man who was supposed to be on-site at officers' arrival was responsible for the destruction of their home. Our sources tell us that he admitted to major vandalism to the exterior, which he said he had just done before arriving at the police station. According to our sources, the man used orange paint to write and etch his social media handles on the walls. We also heard messages for SV... who, as we mentioned, he believes to be his mother and would like to contact her via IG. The man is lying. Sofia has only had one child from her previous marriage. This person doesn't seem to have any connections to Sofia. He was taken to jail by the police. It is not clear what charges he faces. We don't know how much this mess will cost Joe or Sofia, but we do know that it is well over $100k. This was the amount the man left behind. Joe arrived later to assist with police. The couple wasn't at home at the time. They have been in trouble before with strange people showing up at their cribs. Joe and Sofia had already had encounters with alleged stalkers at least twice, both times where the police were involved. It's scary stuff.


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