If aliens attacked, Sam Richardson would probably pee his pants

Sam Richardson, right looking tough and shit. Photo by Amazon Prime Video What would you do in a global war against hordes of horrific aliens? If you're anything like most people, you would probably run for your life and hide in a corner praying for a miracle. Amazon Prime Video's new movie The Tomorrow War attempts to prove that theory. It features Chris Pratt and Veeps Sam Richardson, 24-year-old Mary Lynn Rajskub, Doughboys Mike Mitchell, and many others. Earth is in danger of total destruction. Advertisement What would Richardson do in such a situation? According to Richardson, The A.V. Watch the video below to learn more about The A.V. Club I would likely try to calm myself down by telling a few jokes. You would probably hear me yell Are you sure? after each command. You know what I mean? This is the bottom line. Richardson has another interesting option for his final meal on Earth. He would choose human flesh. He also admits that he can see the appeal in a lot of Detroit-style pizza. It would be faster. Amazon Prime Video now has The Tomorrow War available for streaming. Read our review of the movie here. Richardson stars alongside Milana Vayntrub, Michaela Watkins, in the new movie Werewolves Within. This movie is now in theaters and can be streamed everywhere. Video credit: Amazon Prime Video


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