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Dan Flashes Photo: Courtesy Netflix We had plenty of memes from I Think You Should Go With Tim Robinson, long after the season premiere. The Brooks Brothers sketch in which Tim Robinson is wearing a hotdog suit was the most popular. As a crowd attempts to identify who crashed the Weiner Hut car into the shop, Robinson's character attempts to blend in. It was popularized by Twitter users who responded to Donald Trump's factually incorrect tweets. Because of the frequency with which it was used to provoke political reactions, it is likely that even your parents can recognize the screencap. I Think You Should Leave's new season doesn't have the sketch that could become the next meme about hot dog guys. Resistance Twitter can quickly turn it uncool. However, it does have Dan Flashes who inadvertently became a top meme candidate before anyone knew that the sketch was even coming. A photo of the current Beach Boys lineup in strange-patterned shirts was viralized on Twitter on June 14. This was the perfect picture for jokes. I Think You Should Be Leave fans didn't know there would be a whole sketch about the bold-patterned shirts that they couldn't stop talking about in the new season. Advertisement Dan Flashes shows Mike (Robinson), a man who is lying on a couch in a meeting. His co-worker calls him out for using his lunch stipend on this work trip to purchase patterned shirts. Mike won't deny that he did it. But who needs food when Dan Flashes shirts are available? A new Dan Flashes shirt is available for $450 that day! Doug, it's not lunch. If you are thinking $450s is a lot, there's also a shirt he really wants that costs $1,000. The patterns are so wild or, depending on whom he is talking to, $2,000 These prices are reasonable because the more complex the pattern, the more expensive the shirt. Dan Flashes shares the essence season one Focus Group. Also known as the old man advocating for a steering wheel that does not fly while you drive sketch, Dan Flashes is the person who shares this. This isn't the most funny episode of season two. That honor goes to Spectrum and Prank Show. It stands out because of its absurdity, specificity, and wit. It is funny because Netflix didn't know that the Beach Boys meme would make the sketch even more fun. As Mike tells Susan, Dan Flashes said to Mike that the Beach Boys men were a lot like him. The show even goes an extra mile to help you visualize the clients who look like Robinson. A sketch accompanying the show shows a group of bland, pale men who are ready to die for the chance to stand out in bold fabrics. The Shops At The Creek is home to The Yappy Fight Club, a caf called Yellow Smokes, and a award-winning bakery Mario Cantozis. These shop names feel so unique to the I Think you Should Leave universe that it almost seems like they were A.I.-generated to be both funny and nondescript. Although Dan Flashes may be the most popular meme candidate, that doesn't mean it is the only one. Santa Claus says he's seen all the cocks in Detective Crashmore Junket. There's also Jamie Taco, the wife guy in Wife Joke. And a guy who pesters his coworker for donations to Calico Cut Pants (You have to give!).


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