Britney Spears' Lawyer Sam Ingham to Resign from Conservatorship

Sam Ingham is stepping down as Britney Spears' lawyer in her conservatorship. According to Ingham, Britney's lawyer for 13 years, Ingham will file legal documents as soon as today... asking to be removed as Britney's court-appointed attorney. According to TMZ's sources, Ingham is very upset by Britney's statements in court... that she didn’t know she could end her conservatorship. According to Ingham, Britney was offered many options by him, including the request that the conservatorship be ended. However, she never decided to end the contract. According to our sources, Britney spoke to Ingham about Jamie's removal but never intended to end the conservatorship. Britney said that Ingham had not told her the legal requirements to inform her about her options. According to Ingham, he will not detail his filing due to attorney/client confidentiality. Ingham will replace Britney's long-term manager Larry Rudolph. Rudolph said he was told Britney was retiring and that there was no reason for him to remain as her manager. Britney claimed Rudolph forced her to perform on the 2018 European tour. However, as we reported, there were several communications including text messages in which Britney "begged” to be allowed to continue the tour. According to our sources, there will be more resignations in this week. Our sources also tell us that members of Britney's conservatorship team will be present at the next court hearing later in the month to dispute many of Britney's statements.


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