Add a smart lock with a keypad to your front door for less than $95

After publication, prices and availability of deals are subject to change. Save $14.95: Get the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt smartlock with keypad at Amazon for $10. Plus, there's an additional 5% coupon available as of July 6th. This brings you around 14% savings. A mysterious email informing you that your account has been compromised by hackers is a frightening experience. You may feel paranoid and want to change your passwords as fast as possible, but it might be time to improve the security around your front door. The ULTRALOQ U Bolt smart lock replaces the deadbolt and allows remote access to your home, keypad codes, and other security features. It costs a lot less than other brands that offer a keypad. It's just $95. With an Amazon coupon and a current sale, it's only $95. You can lock and unlock your front door even with the smart lock. A code is the best way to arm your front door, except for the U-Bolt Pro's fingerprint sensor. You can register each member of your family, as well as anyone who visits frequently, and pick a code that suits them. You can use the anti-peeping feature to enter your code while you're typing. You can upgrade to the bundle which adds a WiFi Bridge by paying $25 more (also available with a coupon). To get the most out of U-tec's app while you are away, the bridge is essential. Remote access or temporary codes can also be sent to your door to allow pet sitters and children to return to school. You can also use the app to enable auto-unlock. This allows you to unlock or lock your door based on your phone's proximity. It is also useful for grocery shopping. The app allows you to check the lock status and you won't be sweating halfway to work, wondering if you forgot to lock the door. Check out these related content:


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