That Noisy Screeching Is Apparently Such an Issue That Someone Developed a Silent Packing Tape

Image by Uline Consumers are seeking out more quietening options, as evident by the increasing popularity of noise-canceling headphones. This is why laptops are now featuring fanless designs. Uline, a company well-known for its shipping materials has taken the effort to engineer packing tape that barely makes any sound as it is removed from the roll. Advertisement Anyone who has ever moved to a new place knows the sound of a tape gun sealing a box. But, at best, it is something most people must endure for a few years. However, if you work in shipping or for companies such as UPS or FedEx, the sound of a tape gun can be a daily annoyance. While your ears might eventually tune out the noise, it is never pleasant. Uline has a solution. Its new Uline Quiet Tape, which is much easier to peel than standard packing tape (see video below), makes it almost noiseless when it is removed from the roll. What is the secret to Ulines Quiet Tape being so quiet-hushy? The company decided to not change the formula of the sticky solvent acrylic adhesive, which could have adverse effects on the tape's ability to stick with cardboard boxes. Instead, they added an easy-release coating to the smooth shiny side to make it release from itself with less resistance and almost no noise. Uline Quiet Tape comes in two widths, two or three inches. While it is also available in bulk (you cannot have enough packing tape during a move), the new improved aspect means that you will pay a little more to treat your ears to some peace and quiet. If you purchase 36 rolls of Ulines' best-selling standard packing tape, the cost for a two-inch roll is $1.69. However, prices on the Quiet Tape are closer to $4 per roll when ordered in these quantities. The unpleasant screech from a tape gun might be replaced by the audible gasps that come with sticker shock.


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