Roblox deal with Sony will create (legal) in-game music experiences

Roblox is moving quickly to sign official music deals following a $200 million lawsuit for copyright violations. TechCrunch has learned that Roblox is collaborating with Sony Music to bring more artists to the game platform. They will work together to create "innovative music experiences" that go beyond what you have seen, such as a Lil Nas X concert and a Zara Larsson launch party.The companies did not say what type of events they might expect or when you might be able to see them.This isn’t Roblox’s first such deal. In June, the gaming giant signed a similar deal with BMG. However, it is Roblox's largest ever music pact and leaves Warner and Universal as the only heavyweight labels to have not signed any agreements.Roblox may not be able to stop making these arrangements. Roblox was sued by the music industry for not doing enough to prevent gamers from creating virtual boomboxes that stream music copied right. Robloxcore, and other music created for gaming worlds are not included in this list. Although the developer claims it monitors uploaded music and cracksdown on violators of its terms, that has not been enough to convince labels that Roblox is facilitating piracy. Roblox could make deals to persuade Sony and BMG to drop their lawsuits or at the very least, soften the blow.