Nintendo confirms no new CPU or increased RAM in the OLED Switch

Nintendo has just unveiled a new Switch model with an OLED screen. However, it will not make any major changes to the CPU and RAM used in previous iterations, Nintendo confirmed to The Verge.According to Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch (OLED) model does not have a new CPU or more RAM than previous models.It is not surprising that the company did not mention any improvements to the announcement video or page listing technical specifications for the new console.The Verge was also informed by Nintendo that all Switch docks can be interchanged, meaning that both the OLED Switch (and the non-OLED Switch) can fit in the OLED Switch dock and the OLED Switch will fit into the older Switch dock.Bluetooth headphone support is something we wanted for an upgraded Switch. However, it seems like this is not on the horizon. Nintendo told The Verge that the Nintendo Switch (OLED) supports Bluetooth technology for Joy-Con controllers. However, we have no news on the topic. Nintendo claims that the OLED Switch will provide enhanced audio through the speakers on the board, but there is no change to the audio quality if you use headphones or the TV's speakers.On October 8, the new OLED Switch will go on sale for $350. It will feature a larger screen and improved audio. The kickstand looks much better.