Nintendo's new OLED Switch costs $350 and arrives October 8th

The Switch was launched in the first place four years ago. Now, Nintendo will release an updated version of the console. The company finally confirmed that a new Switch model is available with an OLED display, after years of speculation. It will be available on October 8th at $349.99.The latest model features a seven-inch screen, which is as expected. Nintendo claims the OLED screen at 720p is brighter than the original Switch's 6.2-inch LCD display. The console features a significantly smaller bezel and 64GB storage. Additionally, the dock includes a wired Ethernet port.Nintendo promises "enhanced sound" on the Switch. It works with all Joy-Con controllers. It is available in two color schemes: a traditional neon red/blue scheme with a black dock and a white/black scheme with an optional white dock.The new Switch has a much improved kickstand, which spans the width of the entire back. It can be raised at any angle and is far more sturdy than the fragile, small piece of plastic that supported the old Switch.There is no 4K output as widely reported. In docked mode, you can still only play at 1080p. Nintendo has not yet confirmed that it will upgrade other parts of its Switch. Rumours suggested that the OLED device would use NVIDIA's DLS tech with an upgraded chip. The company warned that the bigger screen might make it less compatible with Nintendo Labo products.It's still a hot selling console, so it is possible that Nintendo didn’t have to upgrade the console. The original Switch's large bezels and display are beginning to look old in 2021. This OLED screen will modernize the experience. For those who are looking to save money, Nintendo will sell the original Switch for as long as they can.It is highly probable that the demand will outstrip supply. In May, Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke to investors via a conference call. He said that the company is still struggling with production problems and shortages. Production capacity will be limited due to the current shortage of semiconductors. The new Switch may be more difficult to find than the current console at different points.Nintendo released a new model of the original Switch in 2017 with a battery upgrade. In 2019, it also released the tablet-only Switch Lite. It also released the handheld-only Switch Lite in 2019. You will have to be patient if you are able to get one in the near future.