American Airlines delays NC flight to Bahamas when �disruptive� passengers refuse masks

American Airlines delayed a flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport due to a refusal of some passengers to wear masks. The airline confirmed Tuesday that the delay was caused by Tuesday's incident. American Airlines Flight No. The flight, American Airlines Flight No. 893 to Nassau (Bahamas), was to depart Charlotte on Monday. According to Andrew Trull, American Airlines spokesperson, a group of passengers violated federal COVID-19 requirements and caused disruption to other customers. American reported that the flight was delayed to Tuesday morning due to the passengers being asked to get off the plane. Trull stated in a statement that we expect our customers adhere to our policies whenever they fly with us. All customers received hotel vouchers. The disruptive passengers eventually agreed to follow the mask mandates on their next flight according to American. WSOC-TV was told by some passengers that disruptive passengers were a group from a Boston-area highschool. They were shouting. They cursed. One passenger said that they were very offensive to the station. American refused to confirm the details of the disruptive passengers to Observer. In recent weeks, other reports have emerged about disorderly passengers at Charlotte's airport. One TikTok video from June showed an American Airlines flight attendant verbally abusing passengers on a flight between Los Angeles and Charlotte. The bad weather forced the flight to be diverted to Raleigh. After being asked to wear a mask, at least one passenger hurled abuse at the flight attendants. American Airlines delayed a flight departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport due to passengers refusing to wear masks. At the airport, patience is encouraged CLT is having a busy weekend and the flight delay occurs during this busy weekend. The airport requested patience ahead of the weekend and recommended passengers arrive at the airport 3 hours before their flight. After a steep decline in passenger travel at Charlotte's airport in the early 2020s, the coronavirus pandemic caused by the virus, the airport is slowly recovering. According to CLT statistics, over 2 million passengers boarded CLT planes in May, the latest month for passenger data. This is a significant increase on the 499,000 who boarded at CLT in May 2020. This is also the first month that the airport has recorded more than 2,000,000 passengers in one month since January 2020.


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