Elon Musk's Boring Company May Build Its First Tunnel on the East Coast

July 6, 2021, 2 minutes read Fort Lauderdale, Florida, could soon be the next location for's Boring Company's 1.7-mile tunnel through downtown Las Vegas. On Wednesday, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis revealed that the city had received a proposal from to construct an underground transit loop. The underground tunnel, named "The Las Olas Loop", would link Fort Lauderdale's downtown to the beach. Elon Musk's The Boring Co. has proposed to Fort Lauderdale that it build an underground transit line between downtown and the coast. This innovative approach, called The Las Olas Loop and addressing congestion and transit needs is a first-of-its kind. Mayor Dean J. Trantalis (@DeanTrantalis), June 30, 2021 Related: Elon Musk shows off the Mega-Tunnel he built in Las Vegas, and promises a themed opening party According to a press release from the city, communication began at the start of the year. The city commission will vote later today on whether or not they accept the proposal. The underground transit loop would allow for faster and more efficient access to downtown from the beach, as well as alleviate street traffic. In addition, Fort Lauderdale announced that it has created a process where other companies can present their ideas. The Boring Company is not the first to venture into the Sunshine State. The mayor of Miami Francis Suarez stated earlier this year that Musk had been in touch with him regarding the possibility of building a tunnel running two miles through Miami for $30 million. The Boring Company has not had a perfect track record with its projects. It didn't follow through on its projects in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., and even removed mention of them from its website. Related: Elon Musk's Success Story These 5 Key Personality Traits Are What Make Elon Musk So Successful


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