Biden administration makes it easier to qualify for Covid-19 funeral reimbursement

After loosening the rules of the Covid-era program, it was made easier for families to receive aid towards funeral costs by the Biden administration. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (the agency that administers the program) changed its policy regarding funeral assistance for deaths occurring in the first months of the pandemic. For funeral assistance of up to $9,000 per person, and $35,000. per application, applicants initially needed to submit a death certificate that listed Covid-19 as the cause. Learn more about Personal Finance Executive benefits: How companies can play fast and loose with their executive benefits What do you know about Social Security? Inflation is a stinging sensation for retirees However, early death certificates might not have included the virus. The coronavirus was not as widely tested and the medical community didn't have a good understanding of it. As a result, many families could have been denied testing. FEMA offers reimbursement for applicants who submit a letter or statement from the death certificate's medical examiner or coroner, which attributes the death to Covid-19. This change is applicable to deaths occurring between January 20th and May 16th last year.


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