Here's how to retire with $1 million if you start investing in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond

The time can be a powerful investment tool. You can save early in your career to give your money time for growth in the market. However, you can still retire with $1,000,000 even if your start is late. To achieve your goal, you will need some tools. You could use your employer's 401k, which is a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan. It can also include a Roth IRA (or traditional IRA) as a savings plan to help you reach this mark. Low-cost index funds are another option. This video will show you how to get into the figures. Learn more about Invest in You Josh Brown: CEOs you have never heard of can sometimes bring the greatest returns You can multiply your income with compounding. This is how your budget should look if you earn $40,000 annually Disclosure: Acorns is an investment by Comcast Ventures and NBCUniversal.


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