Biden presses COVID-19 vaccination campaign as Delta coronavirus variant spreads

During an Independence Day celebration Sunday, President Biden spoke about COVID-19. (Patrick Semansky / Associated Press As the more contagious Delta form of the coronavirus spreads, President Biden will announce Tuesday afternoon new steps to inoculate more Americans against COVID-19. His administration is working to convince more people to get shots. One of the steps is to supply vaccines to primary healthcare doctors. This will allow Americans to be vaccinated by those who have the trust and respect of their patients. As the next school year approaches, there will be an effort to inoculate even more adolescents. The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for emergency use by children as young 12 years. It requires two shots and then a wait of two weeks before it is fully effective. This schedule ensures that students are properly inoculated before returning to school. A White House official, who declined to identify himself before Biden made his announcement, previewed the president's announcement. The urgency of the vaccination campaign has been heightened by the spread of the Delta variant. Biden intends to declare that almost 160 million Americans will have been fully vaccinated by week's end. The country's vaccination campaign is among the most successful around the globe, but officials still face hesitancy as well as other obstacles to getting people inoculated. Biden stated at the White House that "we all know that powerful variants have arisen, such as the Delta variant. But the best defense against them is to get vaccinated." It is the most patriotic thing that you can do, my fellow Americans. Please, if possible, get vaccinated. This story first appeared in Los Angeles Times.


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