Shohei Ohtani will pitch and hit in All-Star Game, Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon says

Doug Glanville and Tim Kurkjian reflect on ShoheiOhtani's historic achievement of being the first position player and pitcher to be in the All-Star Game. (1:03). ANAHEIM (Calif.) -- Shohei Ohtani will be both a pitcher as well as a hitter at his first All-Star Game next Wednesday, according to his Los Angeles Angels manager. Joe Maddon stated Monday that he had spoken to Kevin Cash, American League manager, and encouraged him to show off Ohtani's dual-sport skills at Coors Field on July 13. Maddon stated that Ohtani would like to play in both directions in Denver, and that Cash was on board. According to former Rays skipper, the current Tampa Bay Rays manager hasn't yet decided when Ohtani will pitch. Maddon stated that while the conclusion is that he will pitch but not how it's going down, Maddon did not say. There are many ways to accomplish this, evidently. He could either start the game or join in as a game-in-progress. Ohtani, who is the leading major league hitter in homers, became the first major league player to be selected for both the hitter and pitcher All-Star Game. He was elected by the fans to play at the plate and received the honor of being named a pitcher during Sunday's final team announcement. There are still questions about Ohtani's Colorado evening, but Maddon thinks they can solve them. Even if Major League Baseball had to slightly alter its rules to allow Ohtani enough time for both sides. Ohtani could pitch for the AL and start on the mound. This would allow him to be both the designated hitter and pitcher immediately. If the AL team chooses to start another worthy pitcher Ohtani could be designated hitter and move to the mound later in game if he has enough time to warm up. Or, perhaps both. "How many times have you hit him?" Maddon was curious. Maddon replied, "And don’t forget, he’ll be in the Home Run Derby on the day before. There is a lot happening there. Shohei loves it. We're not trying to force him into anything. We are just trying to find the best way to do it." Ohtani turned 27 on Monday, when the Angels hosted Boston Red Sox. Ohtani will make his final mound start before Tuesday's All-Star game. This means that Ohtani will have one week to rest before he pitches in Colorado. Ohtani has batting for himself in nine out of his 12 mound starts, but the Angels were left with a short bench following his departure because the AL game requires that a pitcher hit for himself. Maddon stated that Ohtani's injury issues make it unlikely that he will be able to hit for himself Tuesday because of the Angels. Los Angeles entered Monday's game without a single position player due to injuries to Taylor Ward (right index fingers) and Anthony Rendon (left hip).


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