Mayim Bialik's Neuriva Commercials Make Questionable Claims

SharesOver a year ago, I wrote about Neuriva's brain supplement. Their claim that they have evidence from clinical trials was false, I felt. I won't repeat what I said about the evidence there. I encourage you to go to the link and see what I wrote.Psychology Today published an article that reviewed the evidence, calling it Neuriva nonsense.Neuriva Plus is now being sold by the company. It combines the ingredients of the original Neuriva along with vitamins B6, B12 and folate. Does anyone have evidence that these vitamins increase the effectiveness of Neuriva's products? No! Both Neuriva and Neuriva Plus have not been clinically evaluated. They rely on individual ingredient studies, which are questionable. They have mixed results, with one study involving aged mice.Mayim Bialik is now Neuriva's science ambassador. You might have seen her TV commercials where she claims she loves Neuriva science and that it supports six important indicators of brain health. You might recognize her as Amy Farrah Fowler (Sheldons girlfriend) in The Big Bang TV Series.She has also spoken elsewhereNeuriva Plus is supported by solid science. I tested it myself, and it contains two clinically proven ingredients that support six important indicators of brain health.Although she holds a PhD, I was unable to find out if she has ever worked as a neuroscientist. It is obvious that she doesn't understand strong science as she believes it. I doubt she has read Science-Based Medicine, or is familiar with the principles that we follow.Conclusion: Bialik makes a great actressIs Neuriva Plus good for brain health? It could be. We don't know for certain until the product is clinically evaluated.Shares