We think you should watch I Think You Should Leave

Tim Robinson Photo courtesy of Netflix This is what's happening on Tuesday, July 6th in the world television. All times are Eastern. Advertisement Top pick I think you should leave (Netflix, 3 :01 a.m. complete second season): Today's best TV show returns to (one assumes), once again take its place as one the most funny things ever, period. This paragraph, if we were to be honest about our feelings regarding this development, would only consist of a series incomprehensible but undeniably joyous sounds that barely resemble human speech. Let's just watch the trailer. Keep an eye out for our reactions and thoughts throughout the week. Jourdain Seales season reviews will be posted on the site today. They will not consist entirely of ASKHFSLKDHFLSKEHRMFS (#$UWEKNRKS!!). We promise. Regular coverage The Flash (The CW 8 p.m. Wild card The Latino Experience (PBS 9 p.m. series premiere): PBS issued a call in August last year for short films that explored a variety of perspectives, experiences and styles to help highlight the richness of the Latino/a/x community in the United States and Puerto Rico. The 13 shorts include both narrative and documentary films from a variety of genres. They will air in three one-hour episodes.


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