Woman Desperate to Look Like Barbie Plans Labiaplasty and Butt Implants

A woman looking for something may think she has found it in cosmetic surgery. She tries to be Barbie-like and does not stop there.According to sources familiar with the situation, Nannette Hammond will appear on TMZ's reality show "Lookalike Love." This shows her plans to transform into a Barbie doll human de facto.Here's a small sample of what Nannette has received: a larger butt (via implants), as well as having her vagina tightened by labiaplasty -- both procedures that will cost between $75k and $90k. There's no word on who is actually paying the bill.Watch video Kinetic ContentOur production sources tell us that Nannette is trying to get her lady parts in order. She's had 7 children and wants to look (and feel) younger again. We are hearing that production is not yet underway due to COVID. However, we hope the cameras will be back in motion soon enough to capture all of this.It is important to note that this isn’t Nanette’s first time under the knife. She has spent over $500k on surgeries in pursuit of her seemingly unstoppable dream of becoming a Barbie. This includes three boob jobs, lip fillers and veneers as well as semi-permanent make up.Our sources tell us that Nannette loves Barbie and has loved Barbie since childhood. She claims she will continue down the rabbit hole until she reaches 70, which is a good sign. She's only 47.