GETTR, the Pro-Trump Social Media Platform, Gottrd Hacked On Its Launch Day

Drew Angerer/ Staff ( Getty Images)GETTR - The new platform for patriot-friendly social networking created by Jason Miller, an ex-Trump adviser, was hacked July 4, the day after its official launch.AdvertisementHacker targeted platforms' most famous verified users. These included a lot of Trump Extended Universe fan favorites: Mike Pompeo, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Harlan Hill, and Miller. Insider reports that the hacker made his presence felt by changing the messages on all affected accounts to say: @JubaBaghdad was there :) free palestine.The platform was confusingly live since July 2nd, but Sunday marked the official launch of the platform, which had been self-described as a freedom network or a place for ideas.Insider spoke with @JubaBaghdad about his hacking methods. He said that he infiltrated the site in 20 minutes, just for fun, and that it was easy to expose security flaws on the platform.He said they should not publish the website without ensuring that everything or almost everything is secure.G/O Media could be eligible for a World of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card at Eneba. Use the promo code: 20210704@JubaBaghdad said that GETTR had fixed the security flaw on Monday. However, he still was able to access user data from individual accounts, including birth years, without any issues.Insider was given a statement by Miller, GETTRs CEO. He seemed eager to praise the platform for the security breach.AdvertisementHe said, "You know you're shaking things up when people come after your." In a matter of minutes the problem was discovered and sealed. The only thing that the intruder could do was change some user names. We have already seen more than half a billion users sign up for our new platform.This new platform, which is designed to appeal to Twitter users who were disenfranchised by the decision of Trump to ban him from posting permanently in January 2021, has already experienced its fair share security flaws and speed bumps. Gizmodo reported that GETTR has a content problem due to its aversion towards moderation. It currently hosts a variety of niche porn like furries, hentai, as well as non-pornographic, but NSFW content such as stock photos of men in diapers.