Airbnb's Pandemic Party-Blocking Spree Rages On

Photo by Carl Court / Staff ( Getty images )Airbnb insists that you stop partying at its rentals. It responds quickly to this request by cancelling any suspicious bookings in the U.S.AdvertisementBen Breit, Airbnb's head of trust & safety communication, stated to The Verge on Monday that Airbnb had blocked more than 50,000 suspicious bookings in at most 15 U.S. cities over the past year in a pandemic-initiated crackdown against parties in its properties. Breit stated that there were 7,000 cancellations in Dallas, 6,100 in San Diego and 5,100 in Charlotte. There were also 3,500 cancellations in St. Louis, 3,500 in St. Louis and 3,000 in Columbus. There were 2,700 cancellations in New Orleans.Interview with The Denver Post, which reported additional automated cancellations of thousands in cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas and Dallas, Seattle, Seattle, and Portland Breit focused on the target customers. He said that the young people the company is targeting seem to party a lot, and could, hypothetically, destroy an Airbnb.Breit stated that if you are younger than 25 years old and have not received positive reviews in the past, you will be denied the right to rent an entire house listing close to your home.Airbnb has been involved in a renewed initiative to curb illicit gatherings in its rental units since July last year. In 2019, Airbnb had banned designated party houses from its rental units. However, the company increased those restrictions with the Summer of Safe Travel initiative in 2020. This was in response to a pandemic in which it needed to ban parties from its rental units. According to the company, it was in the public's best interests to ban parties and events from being held worldwide.G/O Media could be eligible for a World of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card at Eneba. Use the promo code: 20210704Airbnb claims that the policy has been a success so far. The company reported that major holiday-centric holidays such as Halloween and New Years Eve were quieter in the past year due to the rule change. Even though the CDC and other agencies have eased restrictions on social distancing as the pandemic subsides, all indications point to Airbnb continuing to enforce its autoblocking policies for would be party-goers into the future.