China on course to send record number of athletes to COVID-hit Olympics

Source: ReutersChina is expected send more than 400 athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games. This was reported by Chinese state media on Tuesday. The news comes despite the fact that the Games were delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, which has already delayed them by one year.The Games will open on July 23, despite concerns that a flood of tens to thousands of people from all over the globe could cause another round of infection.China already has 318 spots in 224 events across 30 disciplines, according to the official Xinhua news agency.Rio 2016 saw a record 416 Chinese athletes compete in 26 disciplines and 210 events, the largest contingent at an Olympic Games.According to Xinhua, China is expected to compete for gold in diving and table tennis, as well as shooting, gymnastics, weightlifting and shooting. Medals are also expected in badminton and taekwondo.China's men's basketball team did not qualify for the Olympics, a first in 37-years.Organisers of games have banned foreign spectators and placed a limit on domestic spectators at 50% of the capacity. This could be up to 10,000 people.Japan has not experienced the COVID-19 explosions that have been seen elsewhere. However, it has had over 800,000 cases of COVID-19-related deaths and more than 14,800 illnesses.After a slow start, only 25% of the population has received at least one vaccine shot.