I explored a 'haunted' village in Scotland that's filled with ancient ruins, and it's the perfect place for introverts

I was able to visit The Old Village of Lawers, Scotland. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderThe Old Village of Lawers was an abandoned village in Scotland that I visited. It is believed to be haunted.The village is currently for sale at $173,000 and includes a private beach as well as 17th-century ruins.Although the area is small, it is overgrown and perfect for introverts.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.The Old Village in Lawers is on sale right now for $173,000 (125,000). The Lady of Lawers is believed to haunt the village, which was abandoned in 1926.The Old Village at Lawers. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderAccording to Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, the abandoned site is 3.31 acres in size and includes a private beach, native forest, 17-century ruins and fishing rights on Loch Tay.According to legend, the Lady of Lawers haunts the village. She was a former resident and is well-known for her strange prophecies.It is situated in Perthshire, on the shores at Loch Tay. It is approximately an hour and forty minutes drive from Glasgow, Scotland's largest, where I reside.The Old Village of Lawers can be found north of Glasgow or Edinburgh. Google MapsAfter obtaining permission from the Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group I made the decision to travel and explore the village myself.The village was easy to find thanks to the sign "for sale" located just off the main road.The Old Village of Lawers' entrance. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderThe walk along the path was about 10 minutes. It was lined with farmland either side.The way. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderBen Lawers, the Southern Highlands' highest peak, was accompanied by some cows to create a picturesque backdrop that is reminiscent of Scotland.The village is surrounded by farmland. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderThe first thing I saw was more cows as I approached the end of the path. They all seemed to be staring directly at me.The cows were my first sight in the village. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderThese cows were not in a paddock like the ones I saw on the other side of the path. They were open to the elements. As I made my way onto this historical site, I tried to keep my distance and not disturb the cows.I then approached a group of ancient ruins that belonged to the Old Village residents in the 17th Century.Antiquities. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderGoldcrest reports that only 17 people lived near the Old Village loch in 1841 census. It was home to seven people by 1891 and then abandoned entirely in 1926.Continue the storyI tried to reach the ruins closer, but it proved difficult due to the overgrown stingingnettles that surrounded them.I visited the ruins. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderThe House of Lawers' ruins can be seen overlooking the beach. The Lady of Lawers was its last occupant, and is believed to still haunt the village.House of Lawers. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderJon Lambert, a partner in Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, shared his memories of Lady of Lawers.Lawers correctly predicted that the storm would cause damage to the church of the village. Lawers also predicted that a ship would be driven by smoke long before steamships were built.The area did not feel haunted to my despite this. The stinging nettles, and the cows were the most frightening aspects of the area. They stared at me while I was taking this photo (unfortunately not pictured).I took a photo at the ancient site. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderIt overlooks Ben Lawers and is just a short distance from the ruins.The private beach Mikhaila Friel/InsiderAlthough the village is quite small, it has a private beach and ancient ruins that make it a great place for introverts and history buffs.The woodland surrounds the beach. Mikhaila Friel/InsiderIt is ideal for swimming, fishing, and boating. It is also surrounded by trees, making it very private.While I was there, I only saw two other people in the abandoned village.It is a quiet village, which I imagine makes it a great place to escape to for history buffs and introverts.Insider has the original article.