Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers 'thankful' for opportunity to work on mental health

When asked about his current situation, Aaron Rodgers discusses how he managed his mental health during the offseason. (1:39).Aaron Rodgers used a holistic approach in dealing with a very turbulent offseason.The Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Greene, spoke out Monday at a news conference about how he has taken steps to improve his mental health and answered questions about the future of the NFL.These comments were made ahead of Tuesday's charity golf event "The Match", which will see Rodgers and Bryson deChambeau playing against Phil Mickelson, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.Rodgers, approaching his 17th season with the Packers, stated that he has been focusing on taking care of his mental and spiritual health.Rodgers stated, "I'm very grateful for the chance to work on my mental well-being." "I have not experienced depression or any other mental illness. These are things that it is okay to discuss if we're discussing mental health. I have been thinking about what makes me feel the most happy. What habits can you form to make me feel the best in my body and most present? That's exactly what I have been doing.Rodgers (37) is currently embroiled in a public spat between himself and the team. Three-time MVP Rodgers did not attend the mandatory minicamp of the team and was absent from Green Bay's offseason programs. Rodgers was vague in his media statements this offseason about the reports that began when ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on the situation just minutes before April's NFL Draft.Rodgers used Monday's proverb.Rodgers stated, "Sometimes, the loudest person is not always the smartest." Rodgers stated, "Sometimes, the loudest person is not necessarily the one who has all the facts or the truth. Sometimes silence is a great source of wisdom. Sometimes it's wise to be selective about what you say.Rodgers spoke out about mental health in his lengthy response to the media. There has been a stigma attached to talking about mental health, even if it isn't being used in the context of self-harm or depression. Rodgers stated that he has learned a lot about maintaining a positive mental health during the offseason. He was grateful for Tuesday's exhibition featuring DeChambeau and Rodgers, who are two of the most controversial figures in golf.Rodgers stated that he thinks he is often like me sometimes. Rodgers said that he is a bit misunderstood about his career. He should have the chance to meet people, and I am excited that he does. I think he is a great guy.Rodgers stated that he's played eight rounds since August last year and knows certain aspects of his game are going to be scrutinized by national television. Rodgers stated that he is looking forward to playing against Mickelson or Brady at Monday's news conference.Rodgers stated that athletes need to be aware of the mental aspect of their sport. It's not often enough discussed. It's the greatest gift we can give ourselves, I believe, to take time for ourselves.