Barcelona's Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele Apologize for Racist Video from 2019

LASZLO BALOGH/POOL/AFP via Getty ImagesAfter videos surfaced recently showing Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Debele mocking Asians during a preseason tour to Japan in 2019, both Barcelona stars have since apologized.The Athletic reported that one video was recorded as hotel staff attempted to fix a TV set. Dembele can be heard asking their "backward languages" and "Are your technologically advanced in this country or not?" Griezmann was also seen shouting "Ching chong" in a second video.Griezmann stated on Twitter that "I have always engaged against any form of discrimination." (translated from The Athletic). "For the past few days, some people have tried to make me look like a man I'm not." I refute all accusations and I am sorry to my Japanese friends if I have offended them.Dembele also issued a statement about the video:"Recently, a private clip from 2019 circulated on social media. This scene is located in Japan. It could have happened anywhere on the globe, I would have used similar expressions."So, I wasn't targeting any particular community. These expressions are sometimes used in private with friends and family, regardless of origin. This video is now publicly available. It is possible that the video could have offended those who were present. "I am sorry for the offense caused by these images.ESPN reports that ESPN has yet to make any announcements about possible punishments for either player.Both Griezmann, Dembele and the France national team are their teammates. Both forwards were on the Euro 2020 roster of France, as France's favorites fell short in Round 16.