Chris Paul Jokes About Making 1st Career NBA Finals: 'It's Weird No Games Being On'

AP Photo/David ZalubowskiChris Paul is a fan like many others, but he doesn't have any NBA games to catch up on lately.Paul spoke to reporters on Monday during his NBA Finals press conference. He said that he watches basketball all the time, and it was strange that no games were being played right now.Paul is partially to blame for the insufficient games these past days. The Western Conference Finals were halted by Paul's 41-point rant against the Los Angeles Clippers, Wednesday. It was six games.Paul's hard work helped the Phoenix Suns to secure their first NBA Finals berth since 1993.The Eastern Conference saw the Milwaukee Bucks win their last series against the Atlanta Hawks.Since May 18th, when the play-in tournament began, there have been only three days without at most one game (June 21 and July 2 and July 4).Monday will be the last day of the off-season before the Suns and Bucks begin their series on Tuesday.Paul will be making his debut in the NBA Finals, after 16 years in the league. Prior to this season, the 11-time All-Star had only made it to the Western Conference Finals once (2018 with Houston Rockets).