Chris Whitty suggests guidelines for use of masks after 19 July

Professor Chris Whitty is England's chief medical officer and has provided three guidelines to help people keep wearing masks even after the Covid restrictions are lifted. Whitty and Boris Johnson were both asked Monday at the Downing Street press conference if they would use face covers after 19 July. Johnson stated that he would like to be free from the government's dictat. Whitty then offered three parts of a rule for wearing a mask in crowds, when an authority requires it or to make another person feel comfortable. These situations are especially important in a time of rising epidemics. Whitty stated that the first in any situation is indoors and crowded or indoors within close proximity of other people. Masks are useful in protecting other people. He said: Second, if required by any competent authority. Third, if someone is uncomfortable with me not wearing a mask out of common courtesy. Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientist, supported the idea. He said that masks are the most effective in preventing someone else from contracting the disease, and they can also prevent you from getting it. He also dismissed fears that the European Championship semi-final at Wembley could be a highly-spreading event. Vallance stated: It is not always the large outdoor environments that spread disease, but the indoor environments that are crowded and prone to spreading. This is where the majority of super-spreading events have taken place. Whitty's three rules for continuing mask wearing are based on several cabinet ministers such as Robert Jenrick or George Eustice who have stated they won't be wearing masks once restrictions have been lifted. Johnson stated that Johnson's choice of mask will be dependent on the situation. Johnson stated, "What we are trying to do is to move away from universal government diktat and to rely upon peoples individual responsibility." There is a huge difference between traveling on a packed tube train and sitting in an empty carriage on the main rail line at night. We want people to take responsibility for their own safety and remember to protect others.


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