More Than 1,000 Afghan Forces Flee to Tajikistan as Taliban Continues to Gain Ground

After fighting with Taliban militants, more than 1,000 Afghan soldiers fled to neighboring Tajikistan. According to Tajikistan's border guard, the troops fled their homes in order to save their lives. A statement stated that 1,037 Afghan soldiers crossed the border from Badakhshan province. This marked the fifth attempt by Afghan soldiers to cross the border, with 1,600 total, in the last two weeks. It also comes as the Taliban gains ground in the country's north as the United States, along its allies, prepare to leave Afghanistan 20 years later. Recent incidents only add to the fears that the Afghan military and government could crumble once all foreign forces have left the country. Advertisement As part of its plan to leave Afghanistan by September 11, the United States officially dismantled its main Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. This withdrawal was part of an agreement with the Taliban that the United States and its allies made to withdraw from Afghanistan by Sept. 11. The Taliban refused to cease attacking Afghan forces, and they now control about a third the country. The negotiations between the Taliban government and Afghanistan have not made much progress. Advertisement Advertisement As he met with leaders from the region to discuss the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan, Tajikistan's president directed 20,000 military reserve members to increase border protection. Russian President Vladimir Putin assured Tajikistan it would support its efforts to secure the border. Russia's largest military base is located in Tajikistan. Advertisement As foreign troops leave, Tajikistan is preparing for an influx refugees. Reuters reports that Tajikistan is looking into setting up refugee camps. Despite all the uncertainty, President Joe Biden seems not to be eager to discuss the Afghan situation. After being asked three consecutive questions on Friday about the U.S. withdrawal, Biden stopped reporters. Biden stated that he would not answer further questions on Afghanistan. It's Fourth of July. It's a holiday weekend so I will celebrate it. There are many great events.


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