Skeptics Recall Their Weirdest Paranormal Encounters

"Back in 2014 I was returning from a smoke session at my friends' place and was walking to my apartment. Although it's a long walk of about 40 minutes, the fresh air and fast pace are always appreciated. It's a long way to go and I am usually very active when I attempt to walk this path. This gives me plenty of time to think about things. This evening, I felt a bit sacrilegious. But that was in thought. I would think about God, religion, then Heaven and Hell. I suddenly had the thought in my head: Does Satan exist? I thought that I would create a fun thought exercise to see if Satan really exists. I gave the Dark Lord my trust and said out loud, "If Satan really does exist, then they will appear to me now and prove their presence in whatever way, shape, and form." A mass of crows flew out of the bush in front of me almost immediately after I entertained the thought. After the terrifying fright, I managed to gather myself and continued on my way. It was a wonderful coincidence, and some lighthearted humor from the Universe. That experience stayed with me all the way to my apartment. What was the matter? The usual sequence of events that I see when I return from varsity or a friend's house is what I saw as I arrived at my apartment. To make sure everything is secure and to ensure that no intruders are in my apartment, I always look into my bedroom. As I look into my bedroom, flick the light switch on and then walk back, I usually scan the room briefly. This time I saw a faint glimpse of a pale face, its eyes fixed on me, as I scanned the room. I stop and look at what I have just seen. I was not seeing a pale face floating by my bedside. I'm sure that it was an optical illusion created by the lights and my mirrors. It wouldn't hurt to double-check, right? I look back in the room and see the exact spot I thought I saw the specter. I am immediately met by the intense gaze of the countenance I mistakenly thought I saw. My whole body freezes, as I stare at it in terror. The pale face slowly opens its mouth, far more than a normal jaw can handle. As it let out a low, crescendoing scream, I ran out of my bedroom and into my kitchen. I'm now trapped and dependent on whatever I just witnessed. I pulled out a knife from my pocket and settled down in the kitchen to process what had just happened. Finally, I was able to get up and confront whatever it was. I ran into my room to find it empty. In an effort to flush out this ghost, I opened every drawer and closet in my apartment. Evidently, there was nothing. My friends probably didn't believe me when i told them about my experience with the literal personification evil. But that doesn't make it any less important. It doesn't matter if my friends don't believe me when I tell them about my experience with the literal personification of evil. This quaint little memory is here to stay. TL;DR: College atheist and pothead takes his beanie too far and questions the existence of Satan. The rest of the day is pretty awful. u/JJ4L3


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