Stephen Dorff's 'Embarrassed' for ScarJo's 'Black Widow' Work

Stephen Dorff was outspoken against Marvel and its latest big-screen offering, "Black Widow," along with its star Scarlett Johansson... For whom he said he felt sorry. In an interview with U.K's Independent, ScarJo slammed ScarJo's latest film, saying that he still "hunts out the good shit" because he doesn't want to be in Black Widow. It seems like garbage to me. It's like playing a bad videogame. They are a shameful bunch. Scarlett is my shame!" Let us know how you feel! Steve continued to add: "I'm certain she got paid five, seven millions dollars, but I'm embarrassed about her. I do not want to be in these movies. I don't want to be in those movies. I'll look for the kid director who's going to be [Stanley] Kubrick's next and I'll play his part. SD kept going with his diatribe, expanding his scope to include the entire film industry -- which he described as a "big show" -- but his main complaint seems to be with how he views selling out to big studios... and maintaining an artistic integrity. It's an interesting story from Steve, seeing as he has been in many superhero movies -- including one that Marvel fans love called 'Blade' -- but also in another film about superheroes that many consider "garbage", namely his 2015 appearance in "American Hero," which was a farce in the genre. You could argue, as many people online do, that Stephen's other film credits don't necessarily reflect Kubrick-esque cinematography. Some might call him bullish or not-that-artsy. He has been in a lot of films, including "Felon," Carjacked and many others.


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