Dad Almost Drops Baby Catching Foul Ball Barehand at D-Backs Game

We aren't sure if this man should be crowned Dad of the year or Gutsiest dad of the year. He could easily slip into either category for his incredible feat with his child and a baseball. This insane video shows a father holding his son at Arizona Diamondbacks' Arizona Diamondbacks game on Sunday. They were there to face the visiting SF Giants. You have to be careful when you are at a live game. Waiting to get your permission before loading the Facebook video. You can be swarmed by them quickly if you are catching a player's bat at a plate. That's what happened to this guy. He instinctively knew he had to catch the damn thing barehanded! You can see it happen. He literally releases the baby he holds in his left arm/left hand to grab the ball midair. Then he swings his arms back down to catch him. We forgot to mention that Papa Bear was carrying a beer in his hand. It's almost like a circus trick. While catching the incredible catch(es), he spilled some, but the suds were mostly intact. They were as shocked as he was.


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