Just 29 Random Products We Really Love

Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed. Amazon"Last year, my family made the amazing decision to adopt Bailey, a Havanese dog. (pictured left). Bailey suffered severe separation anxiety during those first few nights and we knew we needed to find a solution. Enter: The Snuggle Puppy.The package includes a red heartbeat ticker, heat packs, but we didn't use them. You simply place it in the middle of your dog and velcro it shut. Your puppy will feel more secure and connected to you. This thing must have been made of pixie dust, because Bailey fell asleep right next to it within an hour. The kit also includes two toys and a fleece blanket if you choose to purchase it (as we did).Bailey is now a little more than a year old so he does not use it for comfort as he did the first few weeks. But, it is still Bailey's favorite toy. He loves it so much, that he will pick it up to take outside with him on walks. He loves it as much as the first one. We bought him another one for his birthday. Although it is a bit pricey for a plush toy dog toy, Bailey loves it as much as the first one. It's a great choice for friends who are bringing puppies home. Sam WiederIt's available at Amazon for $39.95 and comes in five different toy options.